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Isnin, 14 Mac 2011

Citer Hubby : MTAT (CP's)


As a guide, the Malaysian Command and Staff Course (MCSC) will normally comprise of the following CP:

  1. Army - 79
  2. Navy - 20
  3. Air Force - 20
  4. Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) - 2
  5. Overseas - 44
  6. Total 165
The CP are organised as follows:
  1. CP Body. The CP of each course is the CP Body.
  2. Division. CP will be divided into 3 Division, namely JITRA, KAMPAR and MUAR Division. (Hubby : JITRA Division)
  3. Syndicate. CP will divided into 15 syndicates of 10 to 12 CP each. During the 1st and 3 rd Term, each syndicate will comprise of CP from the three Services. The 2nd Term syndicates are made up of Single Service CP. (Hubby : Syndicate 1)
  4. Tutorial Group for UM Module. The Tutorial Group for the UM Module will have between 22 to 25 CP. The CP will remain in the same Tutorial Group throughout the UM Module.
  5. Leaders are nominated amongst the CP to execute the following portfolios:
  • Course Leader. The CP nominated as Course Leader exercises control over the CP Body. He is the linkman between the CDS and all CP on certain training matters and with HMC on training support and administrative matters related to the course.(Course Leader this year : The most seniors in Navy)
  • Division Leader. The CP nominated as Division Leader is to exercise control over the CP in his division. He is the linkman between the ACDS/Course Leader and the other CP in his division on matters pertaining to the course.
  • Syndicate Leader. He is responsible to his Syndicate DS for the discipline, decorum and welfare of his syndicate members.
  • Army, Naval and Air Force CP Leader. The CP appointed is responsible to his respective ACDS for exercising control of their members. (Hubby : Naval CP Leader)
  • Overseas CP Leaders. The elected overseas CP will act as the spokesman on collective matters pertaining to the course. He is also required to coordinate the conduct of the International Night function.

The Course, Divisions, Syndicates, Army, Naval and Air Leaders and the Overseas CP Leader will form the Main Committee. Other CP may be co-opted as required. They are responsible for the following:

  1. Serve as intermediary between the CP Body and the CDS on all matters pertaining to the curriculum.
  2. Provide feedback and obtain recommendations from the CP Body on management and administrative arrangements of the course.
  3. Supervise the planning and conduct of activities by other sub-committees.

During the first two weeks of the course, CP will elect their representatives for the following subcommitees:

  1. Sport Committee (Manager for Volleyball game : in progress) 
  2. HIKMAT (College Magazine) Editorial Board.
  3. Officers’ Mess Committee.
  4. Social Committee. (Hubby dlm committee ni - Malaysian Cultural Nite)
  5. Religious Affairs Committee.
  6. Other Committees (if applicable).
p/s : Sian Hubby.. dah sibuk dengan belajar.. (xtvt setiap minggu : assignment, presentation & quiz), ko-k pun macam dipaksa2..

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