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Isnin, 7 Mac 2011

Citer Hubby : MTAT (cont..)

The College Board is responsible to the Armed Forces Council for the governing and overall administration of MTAT in pursuit of its mission. The Board comprises of:

• Chairman : Chief of Defence Force.
• Members :
  1. Secretary General Ministry of Defence.
  2. Chief of Army.
  3. Chief of Navy.
  4. Chief of Air Force.
  5. Chief of Staff, MAF HQ.
  6. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Universiti of Malaya.
• In Attendance :
  1. Assistant Chief of Staff Personnel Services, MAF HQ.
  2. Assistant Chief of Staff Operations and Training, MAF HQ.
  3. Commandant of the Armed Forces Defence College (AFDC).
  4. Commandant of Malaysian Armed Forces Staff Collage.
  5. Secretary : GSO 1 Coord of Malaysian Armed Forces Staff Collage.

The Board is the authority to decide and recommend on the general policy relating to the overall administration and conduct of the Course. These include:

  1. The design of the Course and its curriculum based on the recommendation by the Commandant of the College.
  2. The qualifying course standards and final grading of Course Partipants (CP) for the award of “psc” (passed staff college).
  3. The final grading of CP, in conjuction with UM, for the award of the Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic and Defence studies.
  4. Awards of Excellence for the Best Army, Navy, Air Force and Overseas CP as well as the Best Commandant’s Paper.
  5. The withdrawal, dismissal or suspension of any CP from the Course.
  6. The policy on allocation of course vacancies to the three Services of the Malaysian Armed Forces, the Royal Malaysian Police, the Malaysian Civil Service and overseas countries.
  7. The policy on annual capacity of CP intake.
  8. The qualifying entry standard.
  9. Any other aspects pertaining to the management of the Course as recommended by the Commandant.

The Board meets a minimum of once a year or as and when required by the Chairman. It has the authority to issue directives to the Commandant of the College from time to time.

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