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Isnin, 28 Mac 2011

Citer Hubby : MTAT (Financial Burden.. Ha ha)

All CP are expected to settle their monthly Mess Bill no later than 7 days from the date the mess bill was issued. The mandatory monthly subscriptions are as follows:

• General - RM 3.50
• Maintenance - RM 3.00 (RM 9.00 for living-in members).
• Staff Fund - RM 1.00
• Development Fund - RM 5.00
• Silver - RM 0.10
• Entertainment - RM 4.00
• Religious Fund - RM 1.00 (Muslim only)
RM 17.60 (RM 30.60 for living-in members)

To ease the burden of having to pay a large amount towards the end of the course for specific events/items, monthly savings are as follows:

• December Mess Bill - RM 20.00
• Graduation Ball - RM 20.00
• Cultural Night/International Night - RM 20.00
• Course Photograph - RM 2.50
• HIKMAT Magazine - RM 10.00
Total - RM 72.50


CP are also required to pay for the following according to the amount spent. CP under the MDCP are not exempted from paying:

• Extra Messing. Only basic rations are free. All CP who have their meals in the Officers' Mess must pay for extra messing that was purchased by the mess. Average monthly expenditure for extra messing is around RM 50.00 each. (Actually : +_ RM250.00)

• Tea Break. All CP will be charged according to the amount spent. Average monthly expenditure for tea-break is around RM 30.00 each. (Actually : +_ RM100.00)

• Social Functions, and Mess Activities. A number of social functions and mess activities will be organised. All expenses during these functions will be shared equally by all CP and FM as stipulated in the Officer’s Mess Rules. Some of the Social Functions are as follows:

• Introduction Night. (Done : RM70/pax - Light Hi Tea Buffet @ Grand Season Hotel)
• Cultural Night. (Done :
• International Night.
• Regimental Mess Night.
• Family Day.
• Mess Social Functions.
• Graduation Ball.

College Games/Study Visit Attire. All CP are required to wear College attire on occasions as specified in the dress instruction. This attire can be obtained from the Officers Mess and payment made through mess bills. The compulsory attire includes:

• College Track Suit.

• College Tie.
• Corporate Jacket.
• Sport Shirt.
• College Bag.

Claims. Local CP can claim the following if they are entitled to do so.

• Passport.
• Ceremonial Dress.
• Mileage (home to duty station).
• Any other claims approved by the MAF.

Allowances. Local CP will be paid a subsistence allowance of RM 15.00 per working day.

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