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Isnin, 21 Mac 2011

Citer Hubby : MTAT (Course)


The aim of the Course is to prepare selected officers for command and staff appointment in a joint environment.

The objective of the course is to develop CP into military leader who seek knowledge and demonstrate the ability:

  • To analyse national, regional and global issues of strategic and defence importance.
  • To evaluate the concepts and factors in force structure deveploment and defence organisation and management.
  • To function as a Staff Officer and Commander in a joint environment at the Operational and Strategic level of warfare.
  • To successfully solve problems and work effectively in an environment of complexity and uncertainty.
The Course Curriculum is designed to be intellectually challenging, providing CP with the framework of established staff and command practices . Creative ideas and new approaches in arriving at objectives, rational judgements and opinions are encouraged and cultivated.

The Course provides an opportunity for CP to demonstrate their leadership qualities, inclination for staff work and potential for command when entrusted with such responsibilities during exercises or project presentations.

The Course Curriculum of 50 weeks is divided into 3 progressive terms. Although each term is distinguishable by appropriate designation, subjects such as staff duties, command and leadership, logistic and battle studies are interspersed within these terms.

Training Term 1. This term prepares officers to undertake studies on national and global security issues. The term is designed to achieve the following Terminal 1 Objectives:

a. Examine Malaysian Studies (AUFB 5101).
b. Understand International Relations (AUFB 5102).
c. Examine National and Regional Affairs (AUFB 5103).
d. Analyse Strategic and Defence Studies (AUFB 5104).
e. Examine Malaysian National Security (AUFB 5105).
f . Comprehend Research Methodology (AUFB 5106).

Training Term 2. This training term is designed to equip CP with the skills to function as Staff Officers and Commanders in a joint environment. It includes force structure development and defence organisation management and effective problem solving. The training term is designed to achieve the following Terminal 2 Objectives:

a. Analyse the Characteristics of Military Commanders.
b. Demonstrate Command and Leadership.
c. Apply Staff Skills.
d. Analyse Defence Organisations.
e. Apply Management Theories.

Training Term 3. This training term prepares officers to plan and execute joint operations and campaigns, highlighting operations with joint, combined and coalition forces. The training term is designed to achieve the following Terminal 3 Objectives:

a. Understand the Fundamentals of Joint Doctrine.
b. Understand the Joint Military Appreciation Process.
c. Understand Joint Logistic Support Operations.
d. Understand MAF Capabilities.
e. Understand the Operational Concept of Joint Operations.
f . Plan Joint Operations.
g. Plan the Conduct of Military Operations Other than War.
h. Produce Joint Operation Plans and Orders.

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