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Isnin, 11 April 2011


Award of UM Diploma.
Subject to the final result, the UM Senate will award successful candidates a ‘Diploma in Strategic and Defence Studies’. The requirements to obtain the diploma are as follows.
  1. Every CP is required to attend lectures and tutorials. Failure to attend two lectures and two tutorials in a module can result in a CP being barred from sitting for the final examination for that module.
  2. CPs must achieve a pass in each of the six modules.
Award of ‘psc’.
CP are awarded a ‘psc’ after the endorsement of the College Board based on the following criteria:

a. Pass in Terminal 1 Objective - Strategic and Defence Studies.
b. Pass in Terminal 2 Objective - Command, Leadership and Management.
c. Pass in Terminal 3 Objective - Joint Operations.
d. Satisfactory performence in non-academic activities.
e. MAF CP who failed any Terminal objective will not be allowed to proceed with the course.

Awards of excellence presented to CP at the Graduation ceremony are:

a. Best Malaysian CP.
b. Best Overseas CP.
c. Best Local CP Strategic and Defence Studies.
d. Best Overseas CP Strategic and Defence Studies.
e. Best Local Commandant’s Paper.
f . Best Overseas Commandant’s Paper.

p/s : Really hope my hubby one of the best CP in any award la..

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Very informative. An inside to the life of career naval officer.
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