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Isnin, 18 April 2011


Training Programme.
• Provisional. The Provosional programmes are prepared for the whole term and issued to Training Divisions and Syndicates before the commencement of the term. They are referred to as the “Yellow”.

• Confirmed. The confirmed programmes are issued in “Green”, and contain the training programme for the following week. They will be issued by the Friday of the preceding week.

Time Allocation.
The College follows a 5 day week training programme. Normal working hours are from 0730 hours to 1630 hours. The instructional period is 10 periods of 40 minutes each. The UM academic hours are from 0800 hours to 1430 hours from Monday to Thursday.

Methods of Instruction.
Instruction at the College is conducted in the form of lectures, discussions, seminars and individual/syndicate exercises. Private study periods may be allocated to enable CP to prepare for exercises/presentations. Periods provided for in the weekly programme may be designated in any of the following abbreviations:

• GL-LH. It means a lecture by a guest lecturer in the lecture hall (DEWAN HIKMAT) or other hall or rooms.

• TD-SR. It means Tutorial Discussion conducted in the syndicate room. Lecturers from UM will guide the discussion where every member of the syndicate is expected to participate actively.

• SD-SR. It means Syndicate Discussion in the Syndicate Room. The FM will only guide the discussion.

• TE-SR. It means Tutorial Exercise conducted in the syndicate room. During this period, set problems will be discussed by the syndicate members with the FM as moderator.

• IDE-SR. It means Individual, Syndicate or Sub-Syndicate Exercise conducted in the Syndicate Room.

• ODE. It means Individual, Syndicate or Sub-Syndicate Exercise conducted outside the College or field exercise.

• CD-MR/CD-HIKMAT. It means the discussion is conducted centrally in the model room or the DEWAN HIKMAT.

• OTW. It means Own Time Work which provides CP the opportunity to conduct preparation or completion of assignments.

• Exercises. Exercises can be held indoors (IDE) or outdoors (ODE).

• CDS or DS Disposal. These periods are allocated to provide FM with time to conduct any revision or other discussions within the syndicate or the whole course by CDS.

• V. Visits to military training establishments/units or other agencies related to defence studies are planned to complement the study of roles and organisations of Arms and Services.
Case Study/Research.
During the course, CP either as an individual, in syndicates or as a team will be tasked to undertake research projects or case studies. These exercises are carried out to practice CP in analysing specific problems, collect and evaluate all facts and datas, prepare and submit written findings/reports/recommendations through a seminar or formal presentation.

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