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Isnin, 25 April 2011

Citer Hubby : MTAT (cont..CONDUCT OF THE COURSE)

Case Study/Research.

During the course, CP either as an individual, in syndicates or as a team will be tasked to undertake research projects or case studies. These exercises are carried out to practice CP in analysing specific problems, collect and evaluate all facts and datas, prepare and submit written findings/reports/recommendations through a seminar or formal presentation.

The College’s appraisal system is designed to test the overall performance of CP during the Course. This system subjects the CP to the following:Personality Assessment. This is based on results and observations made on:

• Attitude and behaviour.
• Progress in communication and management aptitudes.
• Physical Fitness/BMI.
• Knowledge Assessment. This is based on the results obtained from:
• Written assignments.
• Research/presentation of projects.
• Minor dissertation.
• Commandant’s Paper.
• Non-Academic Assessment. This is based on:
  1. Wife’s participation in “Wives Enrichment Course” and other BAKAT activities.(ni yang tak tahan nih.. first criteria lak tuh)
  2. CP participation during central lectures and syndicate discussions.
  3. CP participation/performance in organised games.
  4. CP participation/performance in organised social activities.
  5. CP attendance throughout the course.
The Course curriculum has been developed to meet the aims of the College. Since the College caters for the three Services, the instructional terms are structured to enable CP to comprehend the basic subjects during the first term, apply the relevant lessons during the second term before going through the third term where they undertake the study of Joint Operations.

Throughout the course, most of the instruction is conducted in the form of syndicate discussions where the CP learn and gain knowledge, through self-study and contributions of other CP and from input by the FM.

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