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Isnin, 4 April 2011



MTAT recognises that extracurricular activities are an essential part of CP life. It enables CP to interact with each other, build networks as well as being a form of relaxation from the stress of academic pursuance. CP organizing skills will also be tested as all such activities will be organised by them.

The Haigate Wives’ Welfare and Social Club which is part of BAKAT, organises a number of activities for CP wives. CP are required to participate actively in all these activities. (NI YANG TAK TAHAN NIH!!)


Games such as hockey, soccer, badminton, volleyball (he he Hubbyku pengurus Volleyball walaupun ligamen lutut dah putus) and golf will be organised. CP are required to participate actively in all programmed sports activities. Beside games, a cross country competition will be organized. Selected CP will be responsible for organising games amongst each Division. The results of these competitions shall determine the champion division at the end of the course.


The College expects CP and their spouses to enjoy and make full use of their stay at Haigate. To encourage good networking amongst CP and FM, a number of social functions will be organised. These functions include:

• Introduction Night. (Done : 16th January 2011)
• Cultural Night. (Done : 26th February 2011)
• International Night
• College Mess Night.
• Graduation Ball.
• Family Day.
• Other Functions. There are many other functions/events for example National Day

Celebrations or Armed Forces parades whereby the College is invited to attend. Officers selected to attend are expected to be formally dressed as required for such occassions.

Informal dinners, cocktails, luncheons and high-tea are normally organised by the College or Syndicates to celebrate special occasions or to honour certain prominent guests. Religious festivals such as Hari Raya (Eid Ul-Fitr), Chinese New Year and Deepavali are popular events prompting informal functions organised by the respective religious groups.

Overseas CP and their families are to participate in an evening called “International Night” to highlight their countries, cultures and other aspect of interest. The aim of this activity is to allo the FM, local CP and their spouses to understand the customs, culture and traditions of the participating countries.


Muslim CP are encouraged to fulfil their religious obligations while at the College and participate in religious activities organised by their respective communities. Facilities to organise `tahlil’ and daily prayers are available in the College’s Surau. The College does not provide any amenities for other religions.


The College will invite speakers to address FM and CP at Diners’ Club Meetings. These speakers, who are mainly civilian dignitaries, speak on a wide range of subjects that enhance the educational and professional development of officers. Diners’ Club Meetings are normally preceded by an informal dinner and are usually held outside the College premises.


The Wives’ Welfare and Social Club of the college, which is commonly known as `BAKAT’ has a permanent committee comprising of FM spouses. The Chairperson is the Commandant’s wife. CP spouses automatically become members when officers are posted to MTAT.

Spouses are grouped based on CP syndicate groups (Saya dalam Group Tulips). Normally, the adviser of a group is the wife of the FM who heads the syndicate group. Each group is expected to organise one major activity such as visits, recreation and lectures of interest to BAKAT.

The College organizes a one week Enrichment Course (done : 24 - 28 January 2011) for spouses during Term 1 of the Course. It is compulsory for all CP spouses to attend. Accommodation and messing will be arranged for those staying outside the Klang Valley. Towards the end of Term 2, a BAKAT Concert will be organised.

All CP are reminded that spouse participation in all organized BAKAT activities are compulsory and will be reflected in CP Course Reports. (nampak tu.. pentingnya actif BAKAT MTAT nih)

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