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Isnin, 2 Mei 2011


The performance of all CP is monitored throughout the course. Monthly performance reviews are to be conducted by their respective Syndicates DS. A CP may, depending on circumstance, be temporarily suspended or dismissed from the course if he/she is unable to meet the aim and objectives of the course. All CP must be aware of the College’s suspension and dismissal criteria to avoid any legal implication later on.

• Suspension Criteria.
A CP will be temporarily suspended from the course if absent from class/lectures for more than 10 working days. This can be due to reasons such on compassionate leave, medical leave or pending legal proceeding. In such a situation, the CP will be returned to respective service organisation or country. CP may be relegated to the subsequant course once the problem is settled.

• Dismissal Criteria.
A CP may be dismissed from the course based on any one of the following criteria:
  1. Found guilty of any act or behaviour that is contrary to good military conduct or discipline in accordance with Armed Forces Act 1972 during the course.
  2. Failed any course module. The UM Diploma Programme is considered as one Course Module.
  3. Failure to submit the Research Paper (Commandant’s Paper).
  4. Repeated absence from classes/lectures without any valid reason.
  5. Absence from classes/ lectures with reasons for more them 10 working days.

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